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From big brands to small brick and mortar shops, businesses around the globe are using Instagram to get sales for their business. According to a report published by Hubspot, more than 75 percent of people take some action like making a purchase or visiting a website, after looking at Instagram ads. You can use the platform to promote your latest products, acquire new customers, and even

communicate directly with your fans. So, have you started using Instagram for sales? If not here are some stats you might find interesting.

  • Instagram has more than 1 billion active users out of which 500 million use the platform every day
  • 71 percent of users on Instagram are below the age of 35
  • 50 percent of IG users follow one or more brands

Businesses that use Instagram find a 4x increase in their sales.

Instagram does not allow you to post any link with your image in the newsfeed nor in the story if you have less than 10K followers. Then how do you drive users from your Instagram account to your website and make a sale? Here are a few tips to boost your e-commerce sale using Instagram.

#1 Optimize your Profile

Your Instagram profile is as important as the homepage of your website. This means you should be as much time and effort to create your Instagram feed as you did for the homepage of your e-commerce website. Include the following things in your profile.​

  • Profile Picture – This can be a logo of your company optimized to fit the Instagram profile photo size.
  • Bio- This is perhaps the most important part. This should include a clear and well-crafted description of your business and what you sell. You can change it anytime to announce new offers and sales.
  • Website Link – This is the only link Instagram is allowing you to put in your profile unless you are paying for ads or have more than 10k followers. Putting a custom website link here will help you track the number of clicks you are getting.

Now other than the three things we just mentioned above check out the images in this profile. They are beautifully designed and consistent with the color theme. By creating consistent designs you will be able to convert your profile visitor into a follower and eventually buyer.

#2 Instagram Ads

7 out of 10 marketers believe they get maximum ROI on Instagram ads than any other platform. Instagram ads are must when you are new to Instagram or do not have many followers.

Advertising is a crucial aspect of any social media strategy, it allows you to reach a much wider audience than your followers and help you get new followers for your brand.

In order to run ads on Instagram, you need to have a business profile. Once you have a business profile, then you can run ads either directly through the Instagram app or with the help of Facebook Ads Manager. You can choose your target audience, location, age, gender to reach out to the right people. Instagram ads also allow you to add a link to the webpage when you want your audience to land once they click on the ad. You can also show your ads in stories section where the user has to swipe up to land on your website.

#3 Influencer Marketing

Instagram influencer marketing is one of the most popular marketing tactics today. If you don’t already have an established audience on the platform, it’s going to be hard to use Instagram to grow your business. 

That’s exactly why Instagram influencers are so useful for eCommerce brands. They’ve already built up their following on the platform organically and you can use influencers and tap into their audiences of highly-engaged potential buyers, and promote your products directly.

Because Instagram influencers are people and not brands, their followers are much more likely to trust their advice. Having said that there are few things that a brand has to keep in mind while onboarding an influencer.

  • Make sure the influencer you choose is famous among your niche audience.
  • Beware of the fake influencers. Just do not go for the number of followers but look at the engagement an influencer is generating on his or her posts.
  • The association you make with the influencer should look natural and not promotional.

#4 Use Instagram Hashtags

Instagram influencer marketing is one of the most popular marketing tactics today. If you don’t already have an established audience on the platform, it’s going to be hard to use Instagram to grow your business. Hashtags can do wonder for your e-commerce sales if you know how to use them effectively. Use very specific hashtags that your audience is actually looking for to ensure you get found by the right people for your business. Instagram allows you to add 30 hashtags in a post but brands use 10-15 hashtags on average.

So, here’s how Instagram Hashtags work :

  • Hashtags with fewer than 300k posts are low competition hashtags but also low traffic – Easy to rank high on them.
  • Hashtags with 300k to 1 million posts will have medium competition and medium traffic – Little difficult to rank here but can be done with good content and design.
  • Hashtags with more than 1 Million posts will have high traffic and high competition.

So, what you need to do is start with the low competition hashtags and once you start getting traffic from there move on to medium and eventually to high competition hashtags.

#5 Use Instagram stories

In case you don’t know, Instagram Stories are a series of images and videos that appear at the top of a user’s feed.

They live for 24 hours in chronological order and give users the option to post as much as they want without cluttering up people’s feeds. Instagram stories have more than 500 million active users worldwide.

If you have 10k followers in your profile, Instagram allows you to add a link to your story and redirect your audience to your website. If you don’t have 10k followers, you can also run separate ads just for Instagram stories to bring the audience to your e-commerce website.

#6 Create Shoppable Posts

Instagram introduced shoppable posts in 2017, especially for e-commerce brands. These are the posts with little shopping bag on the lower-left corner. When a user clicks on that small bag icon They will then be shown extra information about the product as well as a Visit on Website button. E-commerce businesses that you shoppable posts claim to an increase in their sales by 10 percent.

How to create shoppable posts:

  • The first thing you need to create shoppable posts on Instagram is a Facebook business page connected with your Instagram account.
  • Change your Instagram profile to a business profile. Ignore if it already is.
  • Create a product catalog on Facebook. Use the Facebook Shop template on your Facebook business page.
  • Then go to your Instagram account and follow these steps Setting > Business Settings > Shopping. There you can see all the catalogs you created on Facebook and select them to post.

Best Practices for Shoppable posts:

  • Use both single images and carousels for shopping posts.
  • Tag multiple products in an image. You can tag up to 5 in a single image post and up to 20 in carousel posts.
  • Once you are done posting, make sure the URL is redirecting to the right website page.

So, these are the six sure-shot ways to generate sales for your e-commerce business. If you are a business owner and do not have time to handle your own social media, you can contact us and we will get it done for you.

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